There will be no admission to the Hall prior to the time booked.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Hall (including the toilets).

All internal fire doors and windows should be closed and all lights (including stage lights if used) turned off when leaving. All external doors should be locked when leaving. The Hall must be cleared and vacated by 11.45 (Monday to Saturday) and by 10.30 (Sunday) at the latest.

The hirer will be responsible for leaving the room(s) and other parts of the Hall used (eg corridors, toilets) and all fittings and equipment in an “as found” condition. If the booking includes the Kitchen, this will include all fittings, equipment, crockery and cutlery. Cleaning equipment can be found in the cleaning cupboard.

All rubbish must be taken down to the bin outside in front of the Hall (or taken away if you wish). You will need to provide your own bin bags.

All chairs should be stacked as you find them (ie facing the window). There is a trolley to help you. You will find it easier to put the tables away before the chairs. Access to the tables should not be obstructed.

All noise levels are to be kept within reasonable limits for the benefit of other users of the Hall and our neighbours (as we are in a residential area).

Only the room or rooms hired may be used. The equipment kept in the Hall shall not be used or moved without prior permission.

The maximum capacity for the rooms are as follows:

Main Hall: 180 seated OR 240 standing

Community Room 60 seated OR 80 standing

Committee Room 40

Any damage deposit paid will normally be returned within 24 hours EXCEPT in the event of any damage to the Hall or equipment. The extent and cost of such damage will be agreed as soon as possible and will be deducted from the Deposit and the balance will then be refunded. If the cost of the damage exceeds the Deposit then the Hirer will immediately pay any balance to the Village Hall Council.

If the Hirer has made this booking through a Village Organisation (as a member), then that organisation shall be ultimately responsible for any damage caused as referred to in these Conditions.

Candles: Only “Tea” light type candles in suitable containers will be allowed (only on tables). Other candles, including candles in bottles, are not allowed.

Many thanks for your co-operation and we hope you have an enjoyable event.

Marldon Village Hall Council