Music With Mummy

Monday 9.30am to 12.30pm

Friday   9.30am to 12.30pm

MUSIC with MUMMY’ provides a range of fun and educational music classes for babies aged from 12 weeks and children aged 3 years and under and our small and friendly classes run throughout the UK and overseas.

Jolly Babies classes are specifically designed to give young babies their first musical experiences and this delightful class is a gentle introduction to music and rhythm for them and a great way to bond with your baby through music.  These sessions are perfect for babies up to 14 months approximately before they take the next step into Music with Mummy.

Music with Mummy classes are carefully structured yet lots of fun for everyone who attends.  Children come along each week with their special adult, whether that is mum, dad, a grandparent, or another carer, and each half term we combine learning about a simple musical concept alongside a story theme that runs for the half term.  Each session involves singing, action, movement, percussion and also aims to develop good social skills and listening and concentration too.

How To Book

Contact: Lisa Bruus

Phone: 01803 852971 or 07770 456726

Other Info:

Mondays and Fridays during School term times. Please see local website for up to date class times and availability.